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49,90 € 

Get the latest educational technology without changing your device

Connect hey!U to any of your Windows devices and you will have an extra screen to visually interact with people around you.

With hey!U teachers can create more interactive classes where everybody participates and make them easier to follow for students.

The hey! screen is connected to the special educational software which includes comprehension exercises, test, participation and expression tools.



At a glance and without internet access the teacher can create interactive classes where all students can participate and express themselves. At the same time the teacher can verify the comprehension of the contents and adapt the pace of learning to suit each class.

hey!U is a simple USB device that solves most of the challenges in the classroom and is ‘Plug and Play’.



1. Teachers do not have the certainty that their students have understood a lesson 100%. Most students do not ask questions because they feel embarrassed.

Students can express in real-time whether they have understood a class or subject or whether they got lost, and in this way be able to solve any doubts, which left unresolved will worsen.

2. They would like all students to participate equally at class and not just only a few who raise their hands.

Students select the answer they think is correct.

3. Not all students are the same but they can have the same ease of expressing their opinion about a specific topic.

Students in a very manner can express their viewpoint on issues presented by the teacher.

4. Teachers do not know what students are doing all the time, they may be on-task or they might be surfing the web...

Teachers can ensure that students are on the correct application.

  • Dimensions and weight65x230x8.7 mm
  • Operating SystemWindows
  • ConnectivityUSB 2.0 & USB 3.0
  • ColorBlack
  • MaterialCable: Flexible silicone Panel: Rigid plastic