Let it seduce you by its simplicity and make your device unique



With Zippers you can easily access the most important functions/apps on your Vexia products.






Take advantage of some unique and useful apps such as ECONAV, an ecodriving system.

With its own personality

Just like you want it. Customize your Zippers and enjoy the infinity of possibilities that it has to offer and its attractive designs.






Organize your apps in categories in order to access them easily. Customize your device.


Enjoy interesting shortcuts and get the most out of your device.

- Car Mode: Much safer
- Econav: Fuel economy improved by 20%
- App “I have an idea”: Record your notes and ideas and get them by email.

An original, exclusive, intuitive and very attractive technology developed by Vexia.

It also includes car mode and many other new features as it is constantly being improved.