Find answers to the most frequent questions about Zippers Phone

On/Off/Lock button


Switch on your telephone by pressing and holding the button. You can also access the quick menus by pressing the button. Moreover, if you press and hold the button for a few seconds, you will restart your telephone. This button also locks the screen and switches off the device.



You can access a drop-down list with certain available apps: Wallpaper, Manage apps and System Settings.



By pressing the button for a few seconds you will be able to access home screen and the app list.



Go back to the previous screen.



Adjust the volume according to your needs. Important: If your device is locked, there is a message about a fatal error or the screen is frozen, we recommend restarting the device.

Dual SIM use


You can use two SIM cards with your mobile phone (that is two telephone numbers). One is the main card and the other is secondary. This panel will appear only if you have two SIM cards inserted. Choose the card that you want to use as the main one. You can choose the card that you wish to make a call with when dialling numbers saved as Favourites. In all other cases the calls will me made using the SIM card that you chose as the main one.

USB connection


Storage settings. Connect to the computer and transfer files. Windows users: You do not need additional software to connect your Android device to a Windows computer. To connect your device to a computer use the USB cable provided by the manufacturer.

This way you will be able to transfer data between your device and the computer. Before transferring files, you have to set the storage option:

1. Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable. In the status bar the USB connection icon will appear.

2. Open the Notification panel. Check the Status bar and Notification panel section in order to learn how to access the Notification panel.

3. In the Notification panel tap USB connected. Tap Turn on USB storage.

4. The device will connect via USB successfully. For Mac users: In order to connect the device to a Mac computer, download the Android File Transfer app for Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.5 or later). You may use it to view and transfer files between Mac and Android devices (version 3.0 or later).

Download and install


• Step 1: Download the app from the official Android website (

• Step 2: When the app is downloaded, double click the androidfiletransfer.dmg file.

• Step 3: In the setup window, drag Android File Transfer to Applications.

Battery charging


Make sure you charge your device for more than 8 hours before using it for the first time. In order to prolong the battery lifetime, do not charge the battery until it reaches 20% before charging it again. Remember not to leave your telephone plugged in after the battery has been completely charged.

It is recommended to charge the battery completely for three times in order to take the best advantage of the battery.

Android File Transfer Use


• Use the USB cable provided with your Zippers Phone to connect it to your Mac.

• Double click Android File Transfer to open it for the first time (later it will open automatically).

• Manage and transfer your files, delete files, add folders. You will have to choose MTP on your device.

Transfer documents to a memory card.

1. Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable. Enable Storage function.

2. Open My computer on your PC and select Removable disk.

3. Transfer the files you want to the Removable disk.

4. After copying all the files that you want, click Disconnect USB storage.

Note: When the device is connected via the USB cable and you open the USB storage, you won’t be able to view the memory card on your device. Only after disconnecting the USB cable you will be able to access the memory card on your device. Before transferring files, make sure that the micro SD card is inserted into the device and that it functions properly.