Find answers to the most frequent questions about Tablets


Data connection with Vodafone


Switch on your device, go to the Apps menu and enter:
Settings-More-Mobile Networks-APN (your operator settings will appear automatically – Vodafone ES), Then, choose Vodafone Internet Profile, go to "Type of authentication", and choose "PAP". Then, press the Menu button (at the top right of the screen) and select Save.

Next, a data icon will appear at the bottom right of the taskbar.


About Android

What should I know?


a. Remember that one of Android’s features is multitasking, which means that while you are listening to music you can, among other options, browse the Internet. Nevertheless, this involves higher battery consumption.

b. There are different Android versions: 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, etc.
This does not mean that one version differs from another. There are tablet models that simply work with different versions because of their technical specifications.

c. You can download and install free apps from Android Market and Vexia-T Apps (it is possible that Android Market will not be available for some Tablet models). You can also install paid apps, if necessary.

What do I need?


a. You need to configure your device in different ways in order to take full advantage of it. Among them:
A Google account. Android is permanently synchronized with Google. This means that you can:
• Get your emails from your Gmail account automatically
-Install free and paid applications from Android Market.
-Have all your calendars synchronized.
- Have all your contacts synchronized.
-Have your Google Talk contacts.

b. Shortcuts.
• Drag any app from the menu to the desktop. You can create as many shortcuts as you like and use them the way you want.

c. Folders.
• If you touch and hold the screen for 2 seconds, a menu will show up. You may then choose an option of creating a folder. You may place all the shortcuts that you want in each folder so that you keep your desktop organized. If you click the name of the folder once, you can change it.

d. Widgets.
• Widgets are apps that work permanently on your desktop. To place one of them on the desktop, touch the screen and hold it for 2 seconds. Then select Widgets. You will find clock, calendar, weather forecast, social networks...and much more. Moreover, you can download hundreds of them.

e. Apps.
• AAndroid offers a lot of different apps for everyone. There are free and paid apps. To buy apps on Android Market, you need to have a Google account. To start installing, tap the Android Market icon.
• You can have access to social networks. Simply search on Android Market for “Facebook or Twitter”. When installed on your device, you will have access to your accounts with your usual data.

What happens with my apps if I restore default settings?


a. You may have doubts about this, especially if you have bought an app and for one reason or another you have to restore default settings on your device. Don’t worry. Everything will be saved and stored in your Google account.

T Series

The touch screen is slow...


If your device’s touch screen doesn’t respond, do the following: Remove the protective cover. It is possible that the protective cover makes it difficult for the device to recognize entries. In cases like this it is recommended not to use protective covers with these devices.

The device is heating up...


Your device may heat up when you use apps for a long period of time or when you use apps that consume more power. This is normal and shouldn’t affect your device performance.


When I switch on the camera, error messages appear...


In order to use the camera, there has to be enough memory space and the device has to be charged. If error messages appear when switching on the camera, charge the battery and try again.


TabletPlus White

How to connect my TabletPlus White to a computer


Connect your Tablet to the computer by using the USB cable (included in the box). At the bottom right part of the screen the USB connection icon will appear. Next, tap “USB connection”. If you want to transfer files between your device and the computer, tap “Turn on USB storage”.
Then, the Android icon will turn orange and on your computer you will see a dialog box that will show you the storage drive of your TabletPlus White: “Removable disk xx”. Choose what you want to do next: transfer images, open file folder, etc.
If your system doesn’t recognize your device, please contact Vexia Technical Support.


What is FMT transmitter?


This function allows you to transmit the audio produced by your device over an unused FM frequency to your car’s FM radio. You can listen to any type of audio from the device, even your route indications, through your vehicle’s audio system without the need to connect other additional devices. If your TabletPlus White has no sound, do the following:
• Check if the open FM option is activated. In order to do that, tap the FMT icon situated in the Home menu widget. Check if the “Open FM” option is deactivated. If it is activated, you just have to tap the case to deactivate it.


What does HDMI serve for?


You can connect your TabletPlus White to a television set (always if the latter has a specific connection) with a HDMI cable. This way you may see your device’s contents and functions on your television screen: watch films, videos, listen to music. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can also browse the Internet, check your email, social networks, etc.
In order to view your TabletPlus White content on the television screen, you have to enable the HDMI output port.
Go to Settings-Screen-Output Settings, where you have to choose between LCD and HDMI output. Select HDMI.
Important. Make sure that the HDMI connector type is compatible with your tablet and your television set.


Compatibility with 3G USB devices


Certain 3G USB devices are compatible with your TabletPlus White. You can connect to the Internet anywhere without the need for Wi-Fi connection. In order to check whether your tablet is compatible with these devices, go to Settings-Wireless connections and networks and tap More. You fill find 3G Support Information tab, where you can check the list of 3G USB devices compatible with your tablet


How to force shutdown (Reset)


If there is any problem with your device, you can reset it easily. Press and hold the On/Off button for more than 5 seconds and the device will restart automatically.


How to restore default settings


If after resetting, your device still doesn’t function properly, you can restore default settings. When choosing this option, the following message will appear: Erase internal SD storage. It is important not to execute this option, as it will erase your tablet system completely.


What is the VOA folder?


The VOA folder is the parent folder of your TabletPlus White. Do not make any changes in it nor delete it. This could cause irreversible damage to your device.


What happens with my apps if I restore default settings?


You may have doubts about this, especially if you have bought an app and for one reason or another you have to restore default settings on your TabletPlus White.
Don’t worry. Everything will be saved and stored in your Google account. You will find the default apps in the APK folder. They will be automatically installed when restoring default settings. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to install the original apps on your device. Select “Yes”.