Vexia Zippers Phone

12,95 € 


Discover this unique smartphone!

It runs on Android 4 OS and is powered by the blazing fast Intel® Atom™ processor. It also packsdual SIM and a 5MP camera so you can take stunning photos and capture memorable moments on video in high definition. Its Zippers interface makes this smartphone unique, and you can personalise it to suit your lifestyle. It is available in two colours, pearl white and carbon black, and comes with some very personal accessories.


Why is it unique?

• Zippers offers an infinite number of ways to customize your smartphone to make it truly yours, and quick and easy access to all its features and apps.

• Exclusive in-house technologies such as Econav, which encourages fuel- efficient driving, and the “I´ve got an idea” function, which allows you to record your ideas and then sends them to your email automatically.