Magic Contact

29,90 € 


Proximity tech to enjoy anywhere

You can easily amplify the sound of your device. Just place your tablet or smartphone near Magic Contact and have fun. No Bluetooth, no wires, no sync… needed. It’s compact and easy to carry. You can enjoy it anywhere.


Slide-to-match function:

Slide your device to match and get the best sound.

Dock Station function:

Device recommended to watch movies (mount + speaker function) for tablets and cell phones with speakers..

Find the “magic” point.

Compatible with most phones with speakers function. No Bluetooth, no wires, no sync… needed.

Available in many colours: red, white, pink, blue and black. Try it...You’ll surprise everyone

  • Dimensions and weightDimensions: L14* W10* H4 diameter: 36 mm-4 ohm/2W weight: 209gr.
  • SpeakerAudio amplifier for mobile and tablet
  • ConnectorsMini USB+Jack 3.5 mm and USB
  • Speaker ConnectionContact Technology
  • Input VoltageDC-5V
  • Output power2x2W
  • ChargeThrough USB

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